1. Do I require Planning Permission?
  2. What are your base requirements?
  3. Do you lay concrete bases?
  4. Do you remove old garages?
  5. What door clearances are available?
  6. Can I choose the positioning of my doors and windows?
  7. How high are your garages?
  8. What are your delivery access requirements?
  9. How long does delivery take?
  10. Do you perform a site survey?
  11. Do you refurbishment existing garages?
  12. How do I find you?
  13. What is your guarantee?
  14. Explain the difference between the available roofing materials

1/ Do I require Planning Permission?

Providing that the building is located within the curtilage of your property and behind the building line and if as close an 2m(6ft7in) to a boundary less than 2.5m(8ft3in) in height then planning permission should not be necessary.

It is worthwhile noting that all pent roof buildings and apex structures upto a width of 12ft6in(W) are below this height restriction.

Planning fees are around £155, CAD drawings free of charge.

Building Control is a completely different department concerned only with structural calculations and possibly inspecting the footings. Providing that the building is not attached(lean-to) and less than 30m2 in in floor area, an application to Building Control will not be required. 30m2 is an internal floor measurement and double garages of external dimensions 16ft6in x 20ft3in and 18ft6in x 18ft3in are below these thresholds.

Should an application be necessary then fees are upwards of £400 plus structural calculations.

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2/ What are your base requirements?

We require a concrete raft foundation of a minimum depth of 4in in order to accept one of our weighty buildings. Our structures often weigh above 2 metric tonnes with the pressure bearing down on the edges of the base, this as well as the possibility of the base being out-of-square is why we request that the floor be a further 6in longer and wider than the structure itself.

Our pent roof structures can be constructed onto bases falling no more than 1in consistently in any one direction; our apex buildings have a slightly greater tolerance. In such instances we recommend the application of an internal sand/cement fillet to prevent water ingress. Garages maybe constructed on the understanding that the manufacturer accepts no liability for the performance of the building. Again the surface of the floor is of little consequence, but a new base is recommended to be trowelled flat to the edges, wavy/tamped to the remainder.

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3/ Do you lay concrete bases?

We do offer a full-build service including base laying, construction of walls, concrete driveways and we’re licensed waste (asbestos) carriers. (See 12/ how do I find you).

Our typical concrete base is 4-6in(100-150mm) thick and onto a damp proof membrane and compacted hardcore. The base is raised above the surrounding area in order to prevent damp.

We prefer to reinforce our floors with the modern substitute for steel which is a fibremesh resin additive.

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4/ Do you remove old garages?

You can be assured that we are concrete garage demolition experts and we’re licensed to carry and remove hazardous waste. Our waste is carried directly to land fill and a consignment note is available upon request.
To provide a quotation, can you answer the following simple questions

  1. What is the approximate size W x L of the present building?
  2. What is your postcode?
  3. Is the building asbestos and timber construction or concrete wall and asbestos roof?
  4. Is the structure lined or the roof felted over?
  5. Is the structure above average height?
  6. Can we back a vehicle upto the structure?

email us should you have an specific/individual requirements.

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5/ What door clearances are available?

A typical 6ft6in(1.98m) eaves model is supplied with a retractable door of the same height and providing 6ft1in(1.85m) under-door clearance. Our apex model maybe specified at 7ft0in(2.13m) eaves with a matching door (6ft7in clearance, or roller 6ft1in clearance) and both pent and apex spar(excludes brick and stone finishes) 7ft6in(2.28m) full-height panels and door clearances; up&over 7ft1in(2.16m), roller apex 6ft7in(2.0m), roller door pent 7ft1in). A roller door can specified on a standard 6ft6in high pent model providing 6ft1in clearance.

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6/ Can I choose the positioning of my doors and windows?

Yes, providing that doors and windows are not positioned to the very most corners and each are separated by atleast one panel. Door hinging maybe specified (viewed from the outside), access doors maybe specified inward opening although the option of 3-point locking is no longer available when a steel access door is specified. A fairly typical single mortise lock and butt hinges are supplied on our deluxe timber access and steel access door, an additional two locking points for the steel versions.

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7/ How high are your garages?

(See also 5/ What door clearances are available?)

It is a common misconception that the pent roof panels taper towards the rear. Infact apex and pent models share the same 6ft6in(1.98m) high panels. The apex has a slight height advantage due to the timber “ring beam” running the entire eaves of the structure providing a 6ft7in(2.0m) under-steel clearance, and additional storage to the ridge. The pent roof is supported by galvanised C section, the lowest point being the rearward support at approximately 6ft5in(1.95m). Trusses are usually 4ft(1.2m) apart)

Spar(pebbledash) garages maybe specified upto 7ft6in(2.286m) and all apex models 7ft0in(2.13m) with a additional door clearances.

(See 1/ Do I require Planning Permission?)

Brick front posts may now also be specified with additional height.

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8/ What are your delivery/access requirements?

Concrete garages are delivered on rigid back vehicles no larger than a dustbin wagon. It is not our intention to park on your driveway since we aim to deliver using a dismountable forklift truck. The fork lift requires a hard and level surface to travel upon and 8ft(2.4m) wide. If width is restricted or we must carry through a gate or over grass/mud then we will use trolleys 2ft6in(0.76m) wide, steps must always be ramped, grass/mud/gravel boarded.

For an additional fee we may provide additional labour to assist with delivery.

If in any doubt whatsoever request your free site survey. (See 12/ How do I find you?)

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9/ How long does delivery take?

Delivery will commence only upon receipt of payment, base completion notice and help the driver forms. Typical delivery will take 3-4 weeks or if time is of the essence please contact our office (See 12/ How do I find you?) for a preferential delivery date. Some items for example Decro-Grain finish main/access doors, 4ft(W) steel access doors with 3-pointing may have to be ordered in from Hormann, Germany and have an extended lead time.

Most garages are erected in just half a day; we commence installation from 7am and will nearly always arrive with your building before lunch. Ideally we require the customer to be present; some hand tools may require charging.

We do not erect at weekends.

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10/ Do you perform a site survey?

Yes, just so long as you are within a 1hr commute of any of our showrooms. For all other areas a securing deposit is necessary.

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11/ Do you refurbishment existing garages?

(See 4/ Do you remove old garages?)

As garage builders we are ideally suited for concrete garage refurbishment. We are licensed waste handlers and we operate nationwide. It the majority of instances a site survey won’t be necessary providing that you can answer all of the following questions:

  1. What is your postcode?
  2. What is the size of your current building?
  3. Is your building flat or apex roof?
  4. Please describe the work your require
  5. Do you suspect that your current roof is asbestos type?
  6. Do you know the maker/brand of your current building?

If in any doubt, simply supply us with a few photos sales@planetgarages.co.uk

We generally retain the existing roof structure and replace the roofing sheets in a variety of materials including plastisol coated and internally lined box profile steel and fibre-cement. We renew fascias, main doors, windows and guttering. We are the approved contractor for Compton Buildings.

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12/ How do I find you?

How To Find Planet Garages

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13/ What is your guarantee

All our buildings are supplied with a comprehensive guarantee which covers both materials and workmanship for a period of 10yrs. In the event of any difficulties arising please contact Head Office and a customer service member will arrange for a dedicated aftersales team to put things right. lidgetCompton manufacturer and fabricate almost all the steel, timber and concrete that goes into your garage and maintain a very high level of quality control.

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14/ Explain the difference between the available roofing materials

As a standard, the apex structure is supplied with a 5in(125mm) profile woven fibre-cement roofing panel with a grey/white appearance and matching roof tile. The pent has a 3in profile corrugated and galvanised steel sheet supplied in continuous lengths upto 20ft(6m) with a shiny and dimpled external appearance with a Gratho-Therm anti-condensation layer applied to the underside in cream/white. The apex sheets are secured into timber purlins, the pent directly into the sturdy galvanised C section supports. Both offer a high level of security although the pent is less susceptible to impact damaged and often referred to as “vandal resistant”.

Other apex models include the Apex15 (Windsor) with an attractive one colour antique terracotta fibre-cement tile, and Apex20 which is steeper again and has a choice of eight steel pressed granular tile colours and felt lined to its underside. Upgrade the standard apex with a choice of eight colours, or add a plastisol coated steel and box profile roof to the pent.

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